When was the last time you had a life-changing experience?

Travel, use your skills, and make an impact in Cambodia

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We offer two packages from which you can choose:

I have some time

I have some time

Are you ready for a longer life pause and want to test and upgrade your skills? Then this is the program for you.

Time is an issue

Time is an issue

Are you an experienced professional ready to take on a new challenge and share you knowledge? Look no further. We’ve go you covered with this shorter program.


We have several stages that secure the experience we offer.

Application sent
Stage 1

The journey starts when you send your application.

In-person meeting
Stage 2

Once we receive your application, you'll be invited to a 1-on-1 meeting where both sides will have an opportunity to learn more about each other.

Decision time
Stage 3

After the meeting you'll have time to think about stuff (life right?) and decide if this is something you really want to do. If you're in, just kick back and relax! We'll take care of pairing you with an organization, booking the flight, accommodation, etc.

Time to fly, literally
Stage 4

You board the plane and start daydreaming.

Soft landing
Stage 5

Our on-site ambassador will be picking you up from the airport and show you around.

Work hard, discover harder
Stage 6

During the work week, you'll be working on the project we defined together. On the weekends you are free to explore the country. During your stay, we'll be having weekly calls to see how you're doing.

Home sweet home
Stage 7

Wow. That was really something, right? Since we value relationships and we want to improve, we'd like to have a feedback session with you. We also encourage you to become a part of our community and spread the love!