Help businesses
in developing countries

4 weeks programme for talents in digital area who are sent to developing countries to work in local businesses

How it works

Selection process

We carefully select both sides of every project. Businesses and participants. As a participant, in this stage, you can expect an interview and preparation weekend, where you will get to know your team, business and project and start planning your trip.

Amazing experience

4 weeks, 3 other talents you can learn from, 1 project and endless possibilities to make an impact.


Also known as the reflection on the trip. You will participate in a debrief dinner where we look back at the experience and take steps to the future. If you are interested you can deliver presentations and talks about your own experience.


    Perhaps you are wondering for whom is the programme designed. We target talented students who want to boost their career, professionals in digital area who look for a life-changing experience and basically anyone who wants to experience an adventure and take a step forward.

    “Discover your purpose of happiness.”



Learning by sharing with your team, businesses and everyone you will meet on your way.


Discover your limits and pure adventure of traveling. Discover yourself.


Every country has a specific taste.


Through such an intensive programme you can expect to develop versatile set of skills such as teamwork, leadership, adaptability, openness, understanding and more importantly creating value.


What's the business structure of Impact Travelers?

Impact Travelers is a non-profit organization. Which means that everyone has to pay for his/her travel expenses and the final price reflects the trip, which might differ based on countries.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely. The program leader will go to the destination one week before the project starts in order to make sure that everything is ready for you. Additionally, we usually stay the first week with you to help you explore the place and get you settled in.

What can I expect?

A life-changing experience with great people. In addition we are taking care of accommodation and visa as you will get them in a package including everything. Weekends are dedicated for traveling and discovering the destination country.

Am I eligible to participate?

Yes! Absolutely, but you have to go through an interview so that we get to know you and be able to recommend you to some specific tasks in the company. This way we also strive to minimize the communication problems within teams.

What are the destinations and possibilities?

So far we have partners in Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, India and Vietnam but we are continuously working on it to add more. Possibilities are endless as we strive to give the best opportunities for you to apply your skills and learn new ones.

How do you select the businesses?

Our rule is that every selected business must contribute positively in the local community. In other words all our partner companies do something beyond the business boundaries such as educational events.

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?
Oh yeah, I am!

Apply now!

I joined the Codingate team in Cambodia with 3 other people. As a technical guy I helped them to set the environment for developers and broaden their range of skills by teaching them about new technology. I also used this experience to learn about the Southeast Asian business market and realized its many differences. I could have not done all this by just staying in my home office. The weekends were dedicated to discovering the beauty of Cambodia, its culture and cuisine. Now I have friends on the other side of planet and definitely going to make more in the near future.

Pavel Slabý
Programmer at Blueberryapps
Pavel Slabý

Thanks Martin for your great organizing in bringing Pavel, Tom and Ondrej to coach and train our young tech team with Ruby Programming, Social Media marketing and business strategies. It was such a great learning experience for me and the rest of the Codingate team. This is a wonderful program, and I would recommend that businesses which need support in the business development and technology to connect with Martin. They are amazing people. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Sopheakmonkol Sok
CEO of Codingate
Sopheakmonkol Sok

This summer I took on an opportunity offered by impact travelers to have a total change of scenery and I definitely do not regret it. I gave some of my know-how to my new friends in Cambodia, and the other way around Cambodia gave me much more.I consider the time spent in Southeast Asia as one of the most important experiences which helped me to discover a new viewpoint to my career and my life. Thanks for that, Martin.

Tomáš Niederle
Marketing Specialist at Proficio
Tomáš Niederle